Other Childcare Options

Understand the childcare options you have as a parent of pre-school children in Bulgaria...

If you are a working parent, there are many options for the care of your children:

Day care centres (Детски центрове)

Day care centres are gaining popularity in the larger cities of the country. They offer educational courses and entertainment for children of all ages and are usually paid by the hour. Some of them provide full-time or part-time childcare as well. The organisation of birthday parties is also included in the lists of services of most day care centres.

Special parent areas are usually available so that while the children are cared for by teachers or children’s entertainers, mothers have the chance to meet each other and socialise over a cup of coffee. If they wish, they can join in their children’s activities as well.

Babysitters (Детегледачки)

Most people in Bulgaria hire babysitters through special babysitter agencies. The fees will depend on the agency itself. Agencies are usually responsible for providing recommendations and checking the babysitters’ qualifications. Babysitters also advertise in local magazines and newspapers.

The website detegledachki.com (in Bulgarian) provides a variety of packages to parents who want to find a babysitter or nanny for their children. This can be handled online - all the information on registration, available services and package prices is given on their website.

Paying a babysitter can be done either on a daily or monthly basis depending on the type of employment. Hourly and monthly fees vary considerably from babysitter to babysitter and from city to city. In larger cities, the employer may be expected to cover the transport costs of the babysitter as well.