Meeting Other Parents

Information on how to meet and network with other parents in Bulgaria...

Play groups are not common for parents in Bulgaria. The usual meeting places for mothers and their children are cafés, shopping and day care centres with special areas for children. Many international associations organise mother and toddlers groups and activities.

The International Women’s Club of Sofia assists newcomers in Bulgaria and offers a variety of activities to foreigners, including a Baby Group in Sofia.

Another popular way for mothers to discuss matters concerning their children is via Internet portals such as (in Bulgarian). Here, mothers from all over the country have the opportunity to get in touch with each other, share contact details with mothers living in the same town or city and organise regular meetings for them and their children.

La Leche League in Bulgaria provides information and help to breastfeeding mothers. Members of local groups and their babies have monthly meetings. Informal discussions on various topics concerning breastfeeding and parenting in general are held during these meetings.