Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Associations

Detail of organisations which provide support and resources for LGBT people and their rights in Bulgaria...

Gemini is a Bulgarian gay organisation whose aim is to raise awareness for the integration of gay, bisexual and transgender people in Bulgaria and fight against social, cultural and economic discrimination. It can provide information on issues relating to the LGBT population. It also works for the prevention of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

  • Gemini
    : 3 Vassil Levxki Bd, Sofia 1142
    Tel: 02 987 6872

Bilitis is a resource centre for lesbian and bisexual women supporting them in their social, professional, cultural and domestic lives. Based in Sofia, the group aims to create support groups throughout the country.

LGBT Idea is an organisation for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgenderl people in Bulgaria whose aim is to support social integration of the LGBT population and to support the gay community in the country.

Sports Group Tangra organises sports events for the LGBT community in Bulgaria, mainly in the capital Sofia.