Teenagers and Driving

The regulations affecting teenage drivers in <strong>Bulgaria</strong>...

Mopeds and motorbikes

In Bulgaria, the minimum legal age to drive a moped or scooter up to 50cc and maximum speed of 45 km/h (28 m/h) is 16. A theory exam must be passed before being allowed to ride a scooter or moped. Driving schools can help with the preparation for this test, although it's not obligatory to prepare at a driving school.

The minimum legal age to drive a motorbike up to 125cc with an engine power up to 11 kW is 17. The minimum age to drive a motorbike over 125CC is 18. It is compulsory to attend a course at a driving school before taking the theory and practical exam.

Wearing a crash helmet is compulsory when riding a moped, scooter or motorbike.


The legal age for driving a car in Bulgaria is 18. There are many private schools all over the country providing driving lessons. Driving lessons with a driving instructor are mandatory in Bulgaria. The driving exam consists of a theory and practical exam. In some large cities, it is possible to take the theory exam in English.

Getting a driving licence

The local Traffic Police (КАТ) issues and renews driving licences in Bulgaria.

On successful completion of a driving course, the following documents will need to be taken to the local KAT office:

  • Proof of identity
  • A medical certificate (медицинско удостоверение)
  • A certificate proving that the person has completed a driving course (удостоверение за завършен курс по обучение за водач на МПС)
  • A First Aid course certificate from the Bulgarian Red Cross (удостоверение за завършен курс за долекарска помощ от БЧК)
  • A certificate for primary, secondary or higher education (original and photocopy)


Third-party insurance (застраховка Гражданска отговорност) is obligatory for all types of vehicles. Proof of identity, a driving licence and the registration documents of the vehicle are required.