Youth Organisations

Find out what out-of-school activities Bulgaria has to offer for young people and teens...

The State Agency for Youth and Sports (???????? ??????? ?? ???????? ? ??????) is the body that implements national youth policy and ensures the cooperation between the youth organisations in Bulgaria. It also manages the state and municipal youth facilities.

  • For further information on the work and programmes of the agency: Click here (in English and Bulgarian)

The national network of Youth Information and Consulting Centres (???????? ?????????????-????????????? ????????) provides a place for young people to find information about all kinds of national and international competitions, festivals and other youth events. These centres provide for volunteer work, offer help with issues to do with young people’s education as well as free psychological counselling.

  • For a comprehensive list of Youth Information Centres around the country: Click here (in Bulgarian)

A traditional Bulgarian public institution providing a wide range of activities to young people is the chitalishte (????????). These are widely-spread all over the country and perform the combined function of a community centre, a library and a theatre. Youngsters can enroll in language, music, dance, fine arts and other courses.

The Bulgarian Red Cross provides a wide range of youth volunteer activities.