Documentation and Requirements for Marriage

Understand the legal requirements for getting married in Bulgaria...

An application to marry is filed at the local Town Hall (община) where one of the marrying parties is resident. This must be done at least 30 days prior to the chosen date for the civil ceremony. Both couples applying need not be present to make the application, however the identity cards of both are required.

The documents for civil marriage, required by both parties, are:

  • Proof of identity
  • Certificates of no Impediment to Marriage (декларация, че не съществуват причини за встъпване в брак) to prove that the person is free to marry
  • Medical certificates (медицински свидетелства), valid for 30 days from the date of their issue. These are issued after a standard pre-marital medical check-up (изследвания за сключване на брак) which includes a blood test and may be done at any clinic in Bulgaria

The following additional documents may be required:

  • If under 18 years of age, a permit from the regional court (разрешение от районния съд)
  • If either party has previously been married, the final divorce decree (бракоразводно решение) or death certificate of the former spouse if widowed

Additional documents may be required depending on the nationality of each of the future spouses:

Foreign citizens may need to make a statement in front of a consul at the Embassy of their country in Bulgaria, confirming that there are no legal impediments for them to marry. The Affidavit contains information such as the foreign citizen’s name, passport number, date and place of birth, as well as information about the future spouse.

Along with the Affidavit, the Embassy may issue the Certificate of No Impediment. However, if the person is not resident in Bulgaria, they should obtain the certificate from their home country.

All documents not in Bulgarian should be translated into Bulgarian by a sworn translator, and authenticated with an apostille by the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (some translation and certification/legalisation agencies take care of this process).

Some Embassies require that a Notice of Marriage is made at least three weeks prior to the marriage. Check with the relevant Consulate or Embassy in Bulgaria.