Pet Threats and Animal Dangers in Bulgaria

Information on what to do about insects, snakes and other things that may threaten the health and safety of animals living in Bulgaria...

There are some threats to domestic animals from insects, snakes and certain vegetation types in Bulgaria.


Bulgaria has pine processionary caterpillars; they are mainly confined to the densely forested Sub-Balkan regions of central Bulgaria.

These caterpillars are extremely dangerous as they "burn" the flesh of any animal, child or person that touches them. A small animal can die from the burn on contact. If a pet comes in to contact with these caterpillars it is advisable to seek veterinary assistance immediately.



Dangerous snakes in Bulgaria include the Long-Nosed or Horn-Nosed viper (Vipera ammodytes). The venom of this snake can be fatal to dogs and an antidote is needed if an animal is bitten. They are rarely fatal to humans although can cause severe localised swelling; antivenom treatment should be administered.


From June onwards and through the summer months, grass seed pods left from the dried grasses can cause a dog problems. The seed heads enter the soft flesh between a dogs toes, carrying infection and causing painful swelling. Seeds should be removed by a vet as soon as possible. Seeds can also cause a problem if they enter the ears (the dog will shake and scratch its head constantly) causing infection which can be fatal if the seed is not removed.