Pre-School (Детски ясли/Детски градини)

Find out about the early years in the Bulgarian education system...

Private and state pre-schools and kindergartens are licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science and are open for children aged three to six or seven. Enrolment in public pre-schools or kindergartens in big towns can be problematic as there isn't enough space for all children. Parents are free to apply at the nursery school or kindergarten of their choice.

There are two types of nursery schools/kindergartens:

  • Public pre-schools/kindergartens
  • Private pre-schools/kindergartens and numerous day-care centres paid by the hour


When applying at a pre-school/kindergarten parents must provide:

  • An application form
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate
  • A medical certificate from the General practitioner about the child’s vaccinations
  • Test results for pathogenic intestinal diseases and intestinal parasites (these must be negative) and done 15 days before the child enters the kindergarten
  • Urine and blood tests of the child, done up to one month before the child goes to the kindergarten
  • A medical certificate stating that that the child has not been in contact with people suffering from contagious diseases, issued not more than three days before the child starts going to the kindergarten

Kindergarten is optional; however, all children must attend a one-year pre-school programme.