Primary School (Основно образование и прогимназия)

Find out about primary or elementary level education in Bulgaria...

Once the child has reached the age of seven (or six if the parent chooses), parents can enrol their child at the school of their choice. Enrolment takes place at the school itself. The documents required for enrolment may vary from one municipality to another but in general the parents must provide a copy of the birth certificate, a certificate proving completion of the compulsory pre-school year and an application form.

Documents not in Bulgarian need to be translated by an official translator and in some cases diplomas and certificates from foreign countries will need to be approved by the Ministry of Education and Science.

In Bulgarian state schools tuition in the Bulgarian language must be provided for children that do not speak the language.

Elementary school (Основно Образование)

Bulgarian grade name Age UK, US, other name
Първи клас 6/7 – 7/8 Year 2 / First grade
Втори клас 7/8 – 8/9 Year 3 / Second grade
Трети клас 8/9 – 9/10 Year 4 / Third grade
Четвърти клас 9/10 – 10/11 Year 5 / Fourth grade


After 4th Grade children enter the pre-gymnasium stage, which can last until 7th grade or 8th grade, depending on the type of school they choose for secondary education. Most professional schools enrol students after the completion of 7th grade.

Pre-gymnasium school - Прогимназия

Bulgarian grade name Age UK, US, other name
Пети клас Y 10/11 – 11/12 Year 6 / Fifth grade
Шести клас 11/12 – 12/13 Year 7 / Sixth grade
Седми клас 12/13 – 13/14 Year 8 / Junior high, seventh grade
*Осми клас 13/14 – 14/15 Year 9 / Eighth grade

* Осми клас (Year 10 or Ninth grade) marks the completion of Primary education and can be the first year in a Professional school.

Exams are taken at the end of each school year. If the child fails at one of the subjects they have the right to resit the exam for that subject twice. If they still fail, they redo the year.

Children receive a certificate for the successful completion of Primary education (Свидетелство за завършено начално образование) at the end of pre-gymnasium school.