Secondary School (Средно образование)

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There are two types of secondary schools:

  • General secondary education schools
  • Professional schools.

Professional schools provide a professional qualification in certain subjects, for example sports, language or art schools. Applications for professional schools are regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science. Students usually sit two exams: in Bulgarian language and literature and mathematics.

Bulgarian grade name Age UK, US, other name
*Осми клас 13/14 – 14/15 Year 9 / Eighth grade
Девети клас 14/15 – 15/16 Year 10 / High school - ninth grade
Десети клас 15/16 – 16/17 5th form / Tenth grade
Единадесети клас 16/17 – 17/18 Lower 6th form / Eleventh grade
Дванадесети клас 17/18 – 18/19 Upper sixth form / Twelfth grade
**Тринадесети клас 18/19 – 19/20

**Тринадесети клас: Optional for vocational schools

For the award of a Diploma for secondary education everyone must take two matriculation exams. Bulgarian language and literature is compulsory for everyone and a second subject chosen by the student. After the successful completion of matriculation exams, students are awarded a Diploma for secondary education (Диплома за завършено средно образование) and they can apply for higher education.