The School Year

Understand the school year and the daily school schedule...

State school holiday dates in Bulgaria are fixed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (???????????? ?? ????????????? ? ???????) and vary slightly from year to year.

The school year starts around 15 September for primary and secondary schools. The school year in universities starts on 1 October and is divided into two semesters – autumn and spring.

The school year is divided into two terms:

  • First term/semester: September to beginning of February
    • Christmas break begins 21 to 24 December, generally on a Friday, and lasts for two weeks
  • Second term/semester: beginning of February until the end of May or of June (depending on the grade) 
    • Break at the beginning of April when schools close for approximately ten days

There is a short mid-term holiday between the two, usually two or three days at Christmas and in April. Schools also close for the Orthodox Easter break, dates change every year and may fall anytime from March to April.

Year end dates

The end of the school year varies from one grade to another:

  • Infant school/primary school (1st year students) and 12th year students finish around 24 May
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students finish around 30 May
  • 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th year students finish around 15 June
  • 9th, 10th and 11th year students finish around 30 June

For further information contact the Ministry of Education and Science.

Private and international schools

Private schools may have different dates; check with the relevant school.

Other holidays

Bulgarian schools close for all national public holidays. Schools also close on 1 November, which is Bulgarian Revival Leaders Day.

The School Day

In larger cities, school days may be organised in two shifts:

  • First shift starts at about 08:00 and finishes at about 14:00
  • Second shift starts at about 14:00 and finishes at about 20:00
  • Children usually have up to seven 45-minute classes a day
  • The school week starts on Monday and finishes on Friday