Associations for the Disabled in Bulgaria

Find out about organisations for people with disabilities or special learning needs in Bulgaria...

The National Centre for Social Rehabilitation in Bulgaria is a non-profit organisation providing social assistance and services to help people with disabilities and for their social integration.

  • National Centre for Social Rehabilitation:
    : 21 Christo Belchev Street, Sofia 1000
    Tel: 02 980 32 15 
    Fax: 02 980 34 92

The Center for Independent Living, based in Sofia provides support to the disabled to help them live independently, and campaigns for changes in government policy in the area of disabilities.

The Bulgarian Telecommunications Company or Vivatel BTC (Българска Телекомуникационна Компания - БТК) is the national provider of telephone services for both businesses and private individuals. It provides home telephone plans for people with disabilities which include lower line rental charges and free access to customer services 24/7. To benefit from these plans, customers will have to prove their degree of disability with a document from the Territorial Expert Physicians Commission.

  • For further information from Vivatel BTC: Click here