Maternity Leave, Allowance and Benefits

Understand what new parents can expect with regards to time off work and employment protection...

There are no legal requirements for expectant mothers to inform their employer of their pregnancy before filing their documents for maternity leave. However, it is advisable to inform the employer in advance. Employment protection is guaranteed by the state to pregnant women and women with children aged up to three years.

Maternity leave in Bulgaria is 410 days, 45 of which are used before the birth. With the mother's consent, when the child reaches six months, the leave can be transferred to the father for the rest of the period.

During these 410 days, social security beneficiaries who have worked at least 12 months prior to taking the maternity leave are paid an allowance of 90 percent of their gross salary by the National Health Insurance Fund.

At the end of the maternity leave (отпуск за бременност и раждане) mothers are entitled to parental leave to raise their child (отпуск за отглеждане на дете) until the child reaches the age of two. This leave can be transferred to the father or to one of the grandparents who work under an employment contract and have social insurance. The amount of allowance payable during this leave is equal to the minimum monthly wage.

Fathers are entitled to 15 days paid paternity leave following the birth of the baby.

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