Postnatal Care

Find out about postnatal care for you and your newborn baby in Bulgaria…

A screening for congenital endocrine and metabolic diseases is due between the third and fifth day after the birth. Parents are free to choose any general practitioner/paediatrician for their child and it is recommended to choose one before the birth.

The doctor visits the parents’ home for a thorough medical examination of the child within а 24-hour period after the mother and the newborn have been discharged from the maternity hospital.

Another examination by the doctor takes place between the fourteenth and the twentieth day after the mother and child return home. The doctor provides help and consultations on all questions the parents might have concerning the hygiene, health and feeding of the newborn.

During the first year, medical check-ups take place each month. The doctor checks the child’s weight, height, physical and psychological development. Children aged one to two have check-ups every three months and those aged two to seven undergo thorough medical examinations twice a year.

The doctor fills in all the necessary information in the medical record (медицински картон) of the child. The doctor and the mother keep two separate records for the child's growth, vaccinations and development - one that the mother keeps and carries with her every time she visits the doctor, and one that the doctor keeps as long as they are officially in charge of the child's health.