Preparing for Birth

Find out what your options are when the time comes for the birth of the baby…

There are both state and private maternity hospitals and clinics in Bulgaria. Depending on whether the establishment has signed a contract with the National Health Insurance Fund - NHIF (?????????? ??????????????????? ????) the delivery expenses are covered fully or partially by the health insurance of the mother. For some additional services opted for by the parents or if the medical clinic does not work with the National Health Insurance Fund, expenses are covered by the parent-to-be.

Booking a hospital or clinic in advance is not obligatory in cases of standard procedure. When the time for delivery comes, the mother is admitted to the maternity hospital and the team on duty performs the delivery.

However, more and more mothers are opting for the so-called "VIP services" (??? ??????), which includes an individual delivery room, the option for the father to be present at the birth and the choice of a particular doctor or team to deliver the baby. These services must be booked and paid for in advance at the hospital or clinic of choice. Another option is to choose a private clinic which will need to be booked in advance. If the mother is insured by the NHIF, the costs of the birth itself are covered; the mother will pay the doctor's fees and the cost of a private room.

Home births

Home births are not common in Bulgaria. Unlike in some other countries, there are no licenced midwives in Bulgaria trained to assist mothers during a home birth process. If the mother decides to have the baby at home she takes full responsibility for the health and life of the child.

Water births

Water births are a relatively new method of giving birth in Bulgaria and at the moment facilities for water births are available in only two hospitals; one in the city of Sofia and one in the city of Plovdiv.

The service should be booked and paid in advance at one of the hospitals: