Registering the Birth and Applying for Citizenship

Understand what to do to make sure that the birth of your new child is properly registered...


The registration of a newborn is made within seven days (not counting the day of birth itself) on the basis of a written notification of birth (????????? ?? ???????) issued by the maternity hospital or clinic where the mother delivered the baby.

The father declares the birth at the local Town Hall (??????) either in person or by a person authorised by him. In cases when the father is dead, unknown or unable to go himself for various other reasons, the statement can be made either by somebody present at the time of birth or by the mother.

The required documents for birth registration and issue of the child’s birth certificate (????????????? ?? ???????) are:

  • Proof of identity of both parents
  • The notification of birth issued by the maternity hospital

Registering the birth is free of charge.


According to Bulgarian law, a Bulgarian citizen by origin is anyone who has at least one parent who is a Bulgarian citizen.

A child born in Bulgaria receives Bulgarian citizenship by place of birth if they are abandoned with unknown parents and if they do not receive any other citizenship by origin.

Bulgarian citizenship can be obtained by the child of foreign citizens at the age of 18 under the condition that he or she has been a permanent resident of the country for no less than five years prior to applying for citizenship. If the child was born in Bulgaria, then the requirement for permanent residence is a minimum of three years.

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