Termination of Pregnancy and Abortion in Bulgaria

Information on termination of pregnancy for medical reasons and family planning services in Bulgaria...

Abortion is legal in Bulgaria. It is available on request to any pregnant woman up to 12 weeks pregnancy provided her health will not be endangered by the procedure.

From 12 to 20 weeks an abortion is permitted if the pregnant woman is suffering from a proven disease that could endanger her life or that of the foetus.

From 20 weeks onwards, an abortion is only permitted if the woman's life is in danger or in the event of severe foetal impairment.

The abortion must be carried out by a gynaecologist/obstetrician in a hospital or clinic specialising in gynaecology and obstetrics or in a hospital with a gynaecology department. If the abortion is to be carried out for medical reasons, a doctor specialised in resuscitation must be present during the procedure.

An abortion is free of charge if carried out for medical reasons, if the pregnancy is a result of rape, or if the woman is under 16 or over 35. In all other circumstances there is a fee. Medical reasons include:

  • To save the life of the pregnant woman
  • To preserve physical or mental health of the pregnant woman
  • If the pregnancy is the result of rape or an act of incest
  • If the foetus is severely physically or mentally impaired

Family Planning Services in Bulgaria

Bulgaria has one of the highest abortion rates in Europe and the highest rate of teenage abortions in eastern Europe. Reasons for this include a poor level of sexual education and the fact that contraception is not always readily available.

Health centres and hospitals can provide family planning services.

The Bulgarian Family Planning and Sexual Health Association (BFPA) provides information and free of charge or subsidised contraception, targeting the young in general. It runs health care centres for women and sex education programmes for the 14 to 19 year olds in seven cities in Bulgaria. To find a local health care centre, contact the main office in Sofia.

  • BFPA
    : 67 Knyaz Dondukov Boulevard, Sofia 1504