Finding a Property

How to go about searching for a property in Bulgaria...

A property search is usually carried out with the help of an estate agent, although finding a property without one is also possible. Most properties advertised on the Internet and in specialised newspapers are offered by estate agents.

Internet search for properties

Do not trust an Internet source unless it is a reputable agency's website or a justified source as there are hundreds of pages that provide information uploaded by home-owners themselves.

A trustworthy website will usually provide contact details of the owner, agency and there will be numerous photographs of the properties advertised. Property websites will usually have information in English and other European languages.

Here are some useful property websites:

Local real estate newspapers and other newspapers

Local and national newspapers have a daily or weekly updated classified advertisements section for properties.

  • Search in the Classified section under ??????? (For Sale)

Some big towns have their own local property newspaper which provide thousands of classified advertisements daily or weekly, for example Sofia Properties (???????? ?????).

Further Information