Professionals Involved in the Property Purchase

Make sure you have the right professional services to assist with the property purchase and understand the costs involved...

Before purchasing a property, you should first liaise with the following professionals:

Estate agents/agencies (Агенти/агенции за недвижими имоти)

Estate agents usually get their commission from the buyer only and the commission fee can vary considerably. The usual commission fee in big cities is two percent of the property price, but the commission of a holiday house in a popular resort can be ten percent of the price.

Public Notary (Нотариус)

The Public Notary is the person who certifies that the purchase is legally carried out. The Notary Chamber of Bulgaria is always involved in the final stages of the purchase procedure.

Once all the required documents have been collected, the buyer and the seller agree to a date and time when the actual purchase deal is conducted. Then appointment is made at the relevant Notary's office.

The Notary then issues a document called a Notary Act (Нотариален акт), which legalises and confirms the change in ownership and provides the new owner with all the legal rights to the property.

All the state fees due for the property acquisition are usually paid to the Notary who registers the deal in their capacity as licensed Public Notary. The amount due for a property acquisition is two percent of the price and this is paid only once.

As well as the state fees, the buyers and sellers must pay a Notary fee, which is usually shared equally between the two parties, unless a different arrangement of the percentages has been agreed to.

Notary Fees in leva (2009):

Property Price Notary Fee
Up to and including 100 leva 30 leva
From 101 to 1,000 leva 30 leva + 1.5 % on the amount above 100 leva
From 1001 to 10,000 leva 43.50 leva + 1.3% on the amount above 1,000
From 10,001 to 50,000 leva 160.50 leva + 0.8% on the amount above 10,000
From 50,001 to 100,000 leva 480.50 leva + 0.5% on the amount above 50,000
From 100,001 to 500,000 leva 730.50 leva + 0.2% on the amount above 100,000
Above 500,000 leva 1530.50 leva + 0.1% on the amount above 500,000 leva, but no more than 6,000 leva

Mortgage brokers (Кредитни инспектори по ипотечни кредити)

Bank officials, or mortgage brokers, will also charge the buyer a set fee for the arrangement of a mortgage. This will vary from bank to bank, but the usual fee is about €200. An additional annual fee is due, which amounts to one percent of the credit.