Registering a Company in Bulgaria to Buy Property with Land

In order to purchase a house with land in Bulgaria, you must first register a company. Find out how here...

The services of a lawyer are required to register a company in Bulgaria when buying property with land. The lawyer registers the company and arranges for all the documents to be drawn up appropriately, with a licensed translation in the language required.

The buyer must:

  • Choose a name for the company
  • Open a Capital bank account and with a minimum deposit of 2 leva (note that there are additional bank charges for opening or closing an account)
  • Provide copies of their identity documents, depending on the country of origin some documents may have to be additionally certified with an apostille
  • Provide a criminal record proving that they have never been declared bankrupt and that they have never been sued

The lawyer then prepares an Application for Establishment of a Company (Заявление за вписване на фирма), a Standard Declaration to show no financial debts or restrictions are imposed on the buyer, Articles of Association of the newly-established company (Учредителен акт на фирмата) and a Declaration with a specimen of the person's signature (Спесимен).

Once the company is established the company owner receives a Decision for Establishment of a company (Решение за учредяване на фирма), which is then used to register the company at the Registry Agency (Агенцията по вписванията) of the Ministry of Justice. With this registration the company enters the system of registries for social security and tax in Bulgaria.

Once confirmation of the company's registration is received, the official stamp of the newly-established company must be ordered from a publishing house or a book store. Look for the following sign: Изработване на печати на фирми. The company stamp can only be issued only after it is legally established; the stamp should be used on all official documents.