Moving House in Bulgaria

Make sure you carry out these essential tasks when moving house in Bulgaria...

Moving house generally requires planning and preparation; here are some specifics to remember when moving home within Bulgaria.

Change of Address

Following a change of permanent address in Bulgaria, it is necessary to inform the Migration Directorate or local Police office within five days and fill in a new foreigner's registration card. Proof of identity, date and place of birth and a rental contract or Title of Deeds will be required.

  • For an example of the foreigner's registration card that needs to be filled in: Click here



The three main providers of electricity in Bulgaria are CEZ (for western Bulgaria), E.ON (for north-eastern Bulgaria) and EVN (for south-eastern Bulgaria). According to their place of residence, customers use the services of one of these providers.

To disconnect the electricity supply: at least 30 days before moving post or take written notification to the relevant customer service centre. Provide the customer number (as shown on the electricity bill) and proof of identity. Once an application to disconnect services has been filed, an appointment is set for a technician to read the meters at the address; a statement of all due payments is issued.

At the new place of residence, a new account (???????) can be opened at the local customer centre of the appropriate utilities company. Existing accounts can be transferred from previous home owners to the new owners. Proof of identity and a rental contract or property title deeds are required.

  • For contact information and working hours of CEZ customer service centres: Click here
  • For addresses and opening hours of E.ON customer centres: Click here
  • For contact information of EVN centres: Click here (in Bulgarian)


A request for disconnection of the water supply is done at the local Customer Service Centre. The required documents include the customer's proof of identity, a document certifying ownership of the property or a rental contract and the customer number. After filing the application, an employee of the company visits the customer, reads the water meter and cuts the water supply.

Some of the major water supply companies in Bulgaria are:


Overgas (???????) is the main private gas retailer in Bulgaria with the largest network of regional distribution companies in the country.

  • Tel: 0700 11 110

Customers should contact their local Customer Service Centre for information on the procedures for contract termination and the required notification period.


The Bulgarian Telecommunications Company or BTC (????????? ?????????????????? ???????? - ???) is the national provider of home telephone services. To disconnect the telephone service and/or to transfer the telephone account when moving to a new property, go in person to the nearest Vivatel BTC shop. The only document required is the subscriber's ID card for verification purposes. It may be possible to keep the same telephone number and transfer it to the new place of residence if staying in the same area.

  • For contact information and opening hours of BTC shops around the country: Click here

Television and satellite

Television and satellite providers in Bulgaria transfer accounts either in their local customer service offices or via telephone. Proof of identity and the customer number are required.

For further information from the providers contact the relevant company below or see the website:

  • CableTEL (?????????)¬†
    Tel: 04 800 111 (for English-speaking clients) or 0700 43 700
  • Bulsatcom (?????????)
    Tel: 0800 13 800
  • ITV Partner
    Tel: 0800 12 500 or 02 912 500

Mail Forwarding

The Bulgarian Post company provides a mail forwarding service within Bulgaria for up to a year. A written application must be made at the local post office. There is a charge for the service that must be paid in advance, either in monthly installments or for the year. The service can be cancelled at any time.
Note: The service is not available to people leaving the country as mail can not be forwarded overseas.


Insurance can not be transferred from one property to another, the previous policy must be cancelled and a new one signed with the insurance company. There is no minimum notice period, but the insurance must be cancelled in person.


Banks should be notified as soon as possible of a change of address. This can be done either in person at the local branch or in writing.


Students from state and private schools can move to another school at any time during the school year, but no later than 30 school days before the end of each term. Both the old and the new school should be notified in advance. The principal of the old school issues a transfer certificate (????????????? ?? ???????????) and sends the student's school record to the new school. Principals are also responsible for notifying the local municipality of the transfer, in writing.

Rented Accommodation

When moving from a rented property, inform the landlord in advance. The notice period will be stipulated in the contract and is generally one month.

Social Security

When moving house in Bulgaria contact the local office of the National Social Security Institute (?????????? ???????????? ????????) and inform them of the new address.

  • To find a local office: Click here and select contacts


Property and council taxes are calculated by the local municipality and vary from town to town. If buying a property, inform the local Town Hall in the new place of residence.