Bulgarian Postal Codes, Addresses and the Post Office

Information about the postal system in Bulgaria, including how to find a Bulgarian postcode...

Bulgaria's postal service is provided by Bulgarian Posts. It has an English-language website detailing all the services provided and pricing.

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Bulgarian Postal/Zip Codes

Post codes in Bulgaria are made up of four digits.

  • For a list of postal codes in Bulgaria from Wikipedia: Click here

Writing Addresses

When sending mail to Bulgaria, it is common practice to write the address in an internationally recognised language (often English). Street names are written with a simple Roman transliteration. Items sent abroad from Bulgaria are written in Roman letters and Arabic numerals. Addresses on mail sent within Bulgaria can be in Bulgarian and English.

Addressee details are written on the bottom right hand corner of the postal item, the sender should write their name and address on the top left hand corner of the back of the item (except parcels).

Bulgarian Postal Services

The Bulgarian Post company is the national postal service in Bulgaria. There are over 3,000 post offices in the country providing services to private and business customers.

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Post services

Regular domestic and international mail and small packages can be sent either registered or unregistered, with or without insurance.

  • Standard letters should be a minimum of 90mm x 140mm and a maximum of 125mm x 235mm, with a maximum thickness of 5mm and a maximum weight of 20g
  • Non-standard mail should not exceed 900mm (length x weight x thickness), with the largest dimension not exceeding 600mm
  • Small packets should not exceed 2 Kg in weight

Other services include the issue of postal money orders, logistic services, advertising services, photocopying, subscription of for magazines and newspapers and acceptance and hand over of DHL or Eurosped items.

  • For full information on all the postal services available: Click here

Courier services

Over 200 Bulgarian Post Offices provide domestic and international courier services via BulPost and EMS. Courier items can be picked up or delivered at a Post Office or from a customer's home or office.

  • Customer service enquiries Tel: 0700 19 666
  • For comprehensive information on courier services: Click here

Commercial activities

Vignette stickers for motor vehicles are sold at Post Offices. A number of mail order services are also provided.


Customers can file a claim or complaint using one of the following numbers or by email:

  • Domestic items Tel: 02 949 32 90 / 02 949 32 59
  • International items Tel: 02 949 64 12
  • email

Mail Forwarding

The Bulgarian Post company provides a mail forwarding service for within Bulgaria for up to a year. The service does not exist if moving overseas. A written application must be made at the local post office. There is a charge for the service that must be paid in advance, either in monthly instalments or for the duration. The service can be cancelled at any time.