Finding a Rental Property in Bulgaria

How to go about finding an apartment or house to rent in Bulgaria...

Rental properties are relatively easy to find: by contacting a real estate agency, browsing property websites or looking in local real estate newspapers.

Real estate agencies (??????? ?? ????????? ?????)

There are many estate agencies operating in Bulgaria (including international companies) that can search for properties and help new tenants with signing a lease contract with the landlord. Fees for services vary, ranging from the equivalent of half the value of one month’s rent to the equivalent of one month’s rent.

Many agencies in the cities provide services for foreigners, including translators and a comprehensive list of available properties with descriptions in English.

Property websites in Bulgaria

Some websites provide information on properties to rent in English.

Local property newspapers and other newspapers

Local and national newspapers have a daily or weekly updated classified section for rental properties.

  • Search for advertisements in the Classified section under Rents (?????)

Some cities have their own real estate newspapers which provide thousands of classified advertisements daily or weekly. In the capital, Sofia, the local property newspaper is Sofia Properties (???????? ?????).

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