Landlord Obligations

Find out the conditions to which a landlord (<em>??????????</em>) in Bulgaria must adhere...

When signing a rental contract the landlord agrees to the following:

  • To rent the property in a condition appropriate for its use
  • To inform the tenant about any possible problems in the property, especially those that can damage the health and safety of the tenant
  • To confirm that there are no other claims to the property
  • To maintain the property in the condition appropriate for its use and pay all the expenses for essential repairs
  • To refund the deposit to the tenant when the contract ends

The lease contract should include the terms and conditions to terminate the agreement. The landlord cannot terminate the contract until the lease period expires unless the tenant has not paid the rent for a period of time agreed on in the contract, in this case the landlord can be expected to give a week’s notice to the tenant in writing.

For issues which are not included in the lease contract the civil laws of Bulgaria are applied.


In a rented, residential property the tenant is responsible for the payment of electricity, central heating and water bills. If there is no telephone, cable TV, satellite TV, Internet connection or any other utility that the tenant might need, the tenant can arrange for these to be installed in the rented property.