Tenancy Obligations

Understand the tenant's rights and responsibilities when leasing property in Bulgaria...

By signing a lease on a property, the tenant (Наемател) agrees to the following:

  • To pay the rent in full following the terms and conditions of payment in the contract
  • To pay all utility bills; electricity, central heating, water and to pay for the maintenance of property
  • To take responsibility for and pay for any damage unless it is the result of circumstances outside of the tenant's control
  • Unless mentioned in the contract the tenant cannot sublet the property to a third party and/or make any major changes without the written consent of the owner
  • To return the property to the landlord in the condition described in the inventory contained in the lease contract

In Bulgaria the equivalents of Municipal/Council Tax (Такса смет) and Property Tax (Данък сгради) are usually paid by the owner of the property, unless otherwise stated in the lease contract.