Electricity Supply, Connections and Providers

Information on the electrical supply in Bulgaria. Find out how to get connected to Bulgarian electricity suppliers...

Bulgaria's standard electricity supply is 220/230 volts AC with a frequency of 50 hertz. For other equipment, a transformer or adaptor is required unless the appliance has a multi-voltage option.

Electrical Fixtures


Sockets in Bulgaria take standard European-style two pin plugs.

Light bulbs

The standard light bulb fitting in Bulgaria is a screw fitting.

Note: A country's available voltage is printed on the glass of the bulb, or the light bulb packet.


The transmission standard in Bulgaria is PAL. In order for foreign television sets to work in the country, they should be compatible with this standard.

Main Electricity Providers

The three main providers of electricity in Bulgaria are CEZ (for western Bulgaria), E.ON (for north-eastern Bulgaria) and EVN (for south-eastern Bulgaria). According to their place of residence, customers use the services of one of these providers.

Getting connected

If moving to a property that is already connected to the electricity distribution grid, an application for connecting the electricity supply can be made at one of the customer service centres (?????? ?? ?????????? ?? ???????) of the appropriate electricity supplier. Proof of identity will be required along with a rental contract or property title deeds.

  • For contact information and working hours of CEZ customer service centres: Click here (in Bulgarian)
  • For contact information of EVN centres: Click here (in Bulgarian)

New customers with a residence that is not already connected to the electricity network, will need to carry out the following:

  1. Submit a "Request for survey of the conditions for connecting a facility to the electricity distribution network".
  2. Submit a "Request for signing a connection contract".
  3. Sign a "Contract for Sale of Electricity".
  • Comprehensive information on the procedure and the documents required from the CEZ website: Click here

Meter readings, bills and payment

CEZ Bulgaria (??? ????????):

Meters are read every three months by a company employee. Adjusted bills (???????????? ??????) are sent to private customers by post on a quarterly basis and contain not only the readings of the electricity meter and the amounts due but also information on deadlines for the next two monthly payments and on the time of future meter readings. Business customers receive bills monthly.

Payment is made on a monthly basis. Each customer pays a monthly instalment calculated on an individual basis depending on individual consumption of electricity and the season. In case of overpaid amounts for previous months, customers can either transfer the money to the next payment or get a cash refund at one of the Customer Service Centres.

  • For comprehensive information on the various payment methods: Click here
  • For a list of frequently asked questions and answers: Click here

E.ON Bulgaria (?.?? ????????):

Meter readings take place each month during a given period specified in the company's regional meter reading plan. Bills are paid on a monthly basis. If payment is made at the cash desk of a customer service centre, customers will get a receipt with the expected date for the next meter reading and information on when the next payment should be made.

Payment can also be paid:

  • By direct debit at a bank
  • Via ePay.bg
  • With a Transcard (payment card)
  • At a Post Office
  • By a bank transfer

If payment is not made at a cash desk, customers can find out about their next payment date and meter reading by telephone.

  • Tel: 0700 16 161

EVN Bulgaria (??? ????????):

Meters are read each month. Bills are calculated on the basis of individual consumption. The invoice contains information on the next meter readings and the deadline for payment.

EVN customers can choose one of the following methods to pay their bills:

  • At a cash desk of the company
  • By direct debit at a bank
  • Via ePay.bg
  • With a Transcard (payment card)
  • At a cash point/ATM machine
  • By a bank transfer

Moving/disconnecting services

To disconnect the electricity supply a written notification should be sent at least 30 days before moving. Also contact the local Customer Service Centre and provide the following information:

  • The customer number (on the electricity bill)
  • Proof of identity of the customer or of the owner of the property
  • Proof that all due payments to the company have been made