Internet Providers

Find out about the Internet options available to you in your home in Bulgaria...

There are a number of Internet providers in Bulgaria and broadband availability is on the increase throughout the country.

Some of the main Internet providers include:

  • BTC: ADSL Broadband is available to BTC customers with an active BTC home telephone line.
  • Balchik.Net: Subscriptions and prepaid Internet access
  • Bulgaria Online: Provides Internet access; wireless, dial-up or ISDN, via cable, fibre optics and leased line
    • Customer service Tel: 91 972 (24/7)
  • Digital Systems: Provides wireless and LAN services, dial-up, Internet access cards, leased line access and cable Internet
  • Euro Integra: Internet provider for businesses
  • NetBg: Provides dial-up access, leased line and wireless Internet access
  • Orbitel: Provides free dial-up access