Landline Telephone

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Bulgaria...

The Bulgarian Telecommunications Company or Vivatel BTC (????????? ?????????????????? ???????? - ???) is the national provider of telephone services for both businesses and private individuals.

Useful/handy numbers
Residential Customer Services Tel: 0800 100
Business Customer Services Tel: 0800 10 800
Non-BTC customers or calling BTC from abroad Tel: +359 (0)700 17 000
Directory Assistance/Enquiries Tel: 11 800
International Operator Service Tel: 123
National Operator Service Tel: 121

Note: All of the above numbers are available 24/7.

Getting connected

To get connected to the land line network, go to the nearest authorised dealer and request a telephone connection. The only document needed is an identity (ID) card.

  • For a comprehensive list of sales outlets, contact information, working hours and the services provided: Click here

The company offers a wide variety of packages for home telephone lines. Packages are available for local, long distance and international calls, low rental charges for people with disabilities and plans for low users.

  • For information on the different packages: Click here


Bills are received each month by post or can be consulted online and must be paid within 15 days from the date on the invoice. Services may be cut off in the event of late payment. If the account is suspended, full payment must be received before the line will be restored.

Bills can be paid by direct debit, at an ATM machine using a bank card, via Internet, by bank transfer or in cash at Post Offices and certain banks and shops.

  • For comprehensive information on billing and payment: Click here

Moving/disconnecting services

To disconnect the telephone service and/or to transfer the telephone account when moving to a new property, go in person to the nearest Vivatel BTC shop. The only document required is the subscriber's ID card for verification purposes. It may be possible to keep the same telephone number and transfer it to the new place of residence if staying in the same area.

Other Telephone Providers


The cable television operator CableTEL (?????????) also offers home telephone services to their cable service customers. Connection is provided through the same cable used for cable television, it is not necessary to have a land line connection with BTC.

To subscribe to CableTEL's digital service it is necessary to have a subscription to CableTEL's cable TV service.

  • Customer Service Tel: 0700 110 11 or 04 800 111 (for English-speaking clients)


M-Tel provide fixed telephone lines with their service M-Tel Voicebox. To subscribe to this service, go to one of the authorised M-Tel dealers and sign a contract.

  • For a list of M-Tel shops: Click here
  • Customer Service Tel: *88
  • Customer services for clients abroad or non M-Tel customers, Tel: +359 88 808 8088


Orbitel is a prepaid service for reduced-rate long distance and international calls. The client remains with their existing telephone provider without any additional sign-up or monthly subscription fees from Orbitel.

  • Customer service Tel: 010 012 or 02 400 4700