Water Supply

Understanding the Bulgarian water supply system...

There is a well-developed network of regional Water Supply and Sewage companies or ViKs (?????????????? ? ??????????? – ???) in Bulgaria. Some of them are private, some are owned by the state and some are jointly owned.

For information on the local water company in a town, contact the local administration office

Connecting to the water supply

Most properties are already connected to mains water, so in order to subscribe to the service, go to a Customer Service Centre of the regional company and file an application. Documents required include proof of identity, title deeds of the property or a tenant's document from the property owner certifying their approval. An employee of the company visits the customer to check the installation and to read the water meter. Once this is done, the technician seals the water meter to prevent tampering.

Meters are read by employees of the company. If the customer cannot provide the employee with access to their property, some companies allow for customers to read their water meters on their own and then send the information to the company. Depending on the regional company, meters are read either each month or in certain cases, every three months.

Bills are calculated on the basis of individual consumption and are usually paid in one of the following ways depending on the customer's local distribution company:

  • At the cash desk of the company
  • At a Bulgarian Post Office (????????? ????)
  • Via ePay.bg
  • With a Transcard (payment card)
  • By bank transfer

Disconnecting/moving services

A request for disconnection of the water supply is done at the local Customer Service Centre. The required documents include the customer's proof of identity, a document certifying ownership of the property or a rental contract and the customer number. After filing the application, an employee of the company visits the customer, reads the water meter and cuts the water supply.

Some of the major water supply companies in Bulgaria are: