English-language Cinema in Bulgaria

Information on finding full listings of what's on at the movies today. Where to find out what's showing in English in Bulgaria and when film festivals occur...

There are many cinemas in Bulgaria that show English-language movies. Cinema attendance is on the increase with more and more modern venues being opened throughout the country. All large towns and cities have at least one cinema, some being multi-screen modern complexes with up-to-date technology, digital sound, I-max or 3D. There are large, multi-screen venues in some shopping malls; these are often combined with other entertainment activities including bowling, ice-skating and restaurants, and childcare is often available.

Cinemas change their programming on Fridays and Western-made films are usually shown one to three months after their release. In general films, are in the original language (VO) with Cyrillic subtitles, however, children's films are often dubbed. Some Eastern European films are shown dubbed or sub-titled into English.

Some cinemas have reduced ticket prices on certain days. Enquire at the cinema or at the local tourist office.

In general Bulgarian cinemas have a no smoking policy.

Film Festivals in Bulgaria

Film festivals are popular in Bulgaria and include the famous Sofia International Film Festival.