Daily Meals and Eating Habits

Information on the typical everyday meals in Bulgaria...

Breakfast is not a major event, with a coffee and bread or a pastry being the most common morning snack. Those that have more time may accompany this with cheese or a slice or salami. Popular breakfast dishes include banitsa which contains cheese and sometimes meat, leeks or onions and kozu'nak, a bread like roll sprinkled with sugar. Many Bulgarians also eat a cereal-based brown soup known as bo'za which has a sweet-sour taste.

Lunch is usually a simple or light snack with the evening meal being by far the most important of the day. Toasted sandwiches with meat or cheese are frequently served at lunchtime accompanied by a salad. In the evening Bulgarian meals are often made up of two or three dishes including meats, salads and soup. Dishes are grilled, boiled, stewed, roasted or cooked in an earthenware dish known as a gyuvech. Bread is served with most meals.