Fishing in Bulgaria

Find out about the fishing categories, seasons and the permits required to fish the fresh water rivers, canals, lakes and dams of Bulgaria...

Fishing and sports angling are popular activities in Bulgaria for people of all ages.

Fishing Permits

A fishing permit (????????? ?????) is required in order to fish in the lakes, dams and rivers of Bulgaria; sea fishing does not require a permit. There are a number of fishing permits available to amateur fishermen in Bulgaria:

  • Annual permit
  • Six month permit
  • Monthly permit
  • Weekly permit
  • A permit for disabled anglers - the permit is free of charge
  • A permit for for women over 60 and men over 65 years old - 50 percent reduction on fee
  • A permit for children under 14 - free of charge

Members of the National Hunters’ and Anglers’ Union (?????????? ????? ???????? ?????????) are entitled to a 20 percent discount off the price of the permit.

Applications for a fishing permit can be made in one of the local offices of the National Hunters' and Anglers' Union, or in a fishing tackle store, licenced to issue fishing permits on the behalf of the Union. The only document required is proof of identity. The permit must be carried at all times when fishing

These permits give the permit holder the right to fish everywhere where fishing is allowed.

  • For a map of fishing areas in Bulgaria: Click here

Species to Fish in Bulgaria

Some of the most popular species to catch in Bulgaria are:

  • Freshwater: common carp, grass carp, trout, pike-perch, pike, channel catfish, blue catfish, carp bream, European perch, roach, chub and barbel
  • Sea water (includes): mackerel, horse mackerel, Pontic shad, garfish, turbot, scad, bluefish, corb, mullet, gobies, whiting, hake, cod
  • For a complete list of species: Click here (in English, species with their Latin names)

Fishing Seasons

In Bulgaria most species of fish spawn in spring and fishing is generally prohibited from mid April until mid June. There are some species that spawn in winter, such as trout, and the fishing season for these is quite different.

However, angling in certain lakes and small dams is allowed throughout the year in the so-called sports fishing basins (??????? ?? ??????? ???????).

  • For further information on fishing and angling in Bulgaria: Click here (in Bulgarian)

Fishing Associations and Websites

Local offices of the National Hunters' and Anglers' Union provide information on local fishing associations.

There are a number of websites (in Bulgarian) dedicated to fishing in Bulgaria:

Further Information