Using a Bank Account in Bulgaria

The products and services available from banks in Bulgaria...

Cheques (??????) are not common in Bulgaria.

The most popular bank products available to customers are credit (???????? ?????) and debit cards (??????? ?????) which are gaining popularity in Bulgaria. ATMs/cash dispensers can be found everywhere, from the big malls to petrol stations. Depending on the type of card held or the person's withdrawal limits, cash may be denied at an ATM if the person has gone over a certain amount. In these cases it is usually possible to withdraw cash from within the bank itself.

Debit cards available are Solo cards and the internationally recognised Visa Electron and Maestro cards. Bulgarian banks also issue Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards.

Bank services provided

Once a bank account has been opened it is possible to:

  • Deposit and withdraw money
  • Receive and order money transfers
  • Receive payments
  • Order automatic transfers for other accounts held in the same bank, for example mortgage instalments
  • Obtain a credit and/or debit cards
  • Obtain an overdraft facility, depending on the type of account held
  • Pay taxes, fees and bills

Internet banking

Internet banking (???????? ?????????) facilities are provided by most banks. Customers are required to supply an electronic signature (?????????? ??????) and fill in specific documents at the bank. The cost of this service varies from bank to bank as do the online services made available to the customer.

Bank statements

Bank statements are sent to any address chosen by the account holder. They can be sent in either English or Bulgarian.

Post Office Bank Accounts

Banking accounts are also available in Post Offices with Postbank. Services provided are the same as for other banks and include Internet banking, payment of bills, mortgages, consumer loans and money transfers.

  • Customer services Tel: 0800 18 000
  • To find a local Postbank office: Click here

Opening Hours

Opening hours are generally 09:00-16:00 although this may vary from branch to branch. Some may open earlier and close earlier and vice versa. Post office banks usually have longer opening hours.

Lost or Stolen Bank/Credit Cards

In the event of a lost or stolen debit or credit card in Bulgaria, contact the issuing bank to cancel the card. Most banks have a separate 24-hour telephone service for card problems and often the emergency call centre number is on the back of the card itself. Note the number in a separate place to the card.

Major Retail Banks in Bulgaria

There are a number of national and international banks in Bulgaria. Some of the main banks are:

  • First Investment Bank (????? ????????????? ?????)
    Head Office: 37, Dragan Tsankov Bd., Sofia 1797 
    Tel: 02 817 1100
    Customer services Tel: 0800 11 011 (from landlines in Bulgaria)
    For an interactive map of the bank's branches: Click here
  • UniCredit Bulbank (????????? ???????)
    Head Office: 7 Sveta Nedelya Sq., Sofia 1000 
    Customer Services Tel: 0700 18 484
    Fax: 02 988 4636
    For an interactive map of the bank's branches: Click here
  • United Bulgarian Bank – UBB (????????? ????????? ????? - ???)
    Head Office: 5 Sveta Sofia St., Sofia 1040 
    Customer Services Tel: 0700 11 717
    Fax: 02 988 0822
    For an interactive map of the bank's branches: Click here
  • DSK Bank (????? ???)
    Head Office: 19, Moskovska Str., Sofia 1036
    Tel: 02 939 1220
    Customer services Tel: 0700 10 375
    Fax: 02 980 6477
    For an interactive map of the bank's branches: Click here
  • Raiffeisen Bank (????????? ????)
    Head Office: 18-20 Gogol Str., Sofia 1504 
    Tel: 0700 10 000 (BTC); 17 21 (MTel and Globul)
  • Piraeus Bank (????? ??????)
    Head Office
    : 3 Vitosha Blvd., Sofia 1000
    : 02 980 5654
    Customer Services Tel: 0700 12 002
    : 02 981 8579