Making a Will in Bulgaria

Find out key information regarding the types of will available in Bulgaria, and how to go about making one...

A Bulgarian will can be made by any person who:

  • has reached 18 years of age
  • is not under full judicial disability
  • can act reasonably

Types of Wills in Bulgaria

According to the Bulgarian legislation, the following types of will exist:

  • Notarial will
  • Personally handwritten will

Notarial will

The notarial will must be executed by a notary in the presence of two witnesses in the following way:

  1. The testator expresses their will to the notary verbally.
  2. The notary writes the will as it is expressed and reads it back to the testator in the presence of the two witnesses.
  3. The notary records the date and the place of making the will.
  4. The will is signed by the testator, the witnesses and the notary.

Personally handwritten will

The personally handwritten will must be entirely hand written by the testator. It must state the date it is written and be signed by the testator at the bottom of the document.

The personally handwritten will is then sealed in an envelope and given to a notary for safe keeping. This has to be done in the following way:

  1. The notary makes a Protocol (a notarial, legal record) over the sealed envelope containing the will
  2. The Protocol is signed by the will maker and the notary
  3. The notary enters the Protocol in a special register
  • For contact information on local notaries able to help in the creation and registration of wills, see the website (in Bulgarian).

Reserved Part

It is important to note that descendants (children, grandchildren and so on), parents and the spouse of the testator are entitled to a reserved part of the inherited estate. The testator is not entirely free to make a will without leaving some property to these people.

Foreigners and Wills in Bulgaria

A foreigner may make a Bulgarian will if:

  • the will is related to immovable property located in Bulgaria and owned by the foreigner,
  • the will is related to movable property owned by the foreigner, and they have a habitual residence in Bulgaria
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