Social Security Benefits in Bulgaria

Find out about your obligations and entitlements under Bulgaria's social welfare system...

Bulgarian social security covers health insurance, pensions, unemployment benefits, maternity and child benefits and allowances, sickness and death benefits.

The social security system in Bulgaria consists of:

  • Mandatory state social security (???????????? ???????? ?????????? ???????????) with four separate funds:
    • Common Diseases and Maternity Fund
    • Pensions Fund
    • Labour Accidents and Professional Diseases Fund
    • Unemployment Fund
  • Mandatory health insurance (???????????? ??????? ???????????)
  • Additional obligatory pension insurance (???????????? ???????????? ????????? ???????????)

Contributions to the above-mentioned social security schemes are made by employers, employees, self-employed and the state.


Information on who is eligible for Bulgaria's social security measures:

EU/EEA and Swiss citizens

As Bulgaria is a member state of the European Union, social security schemes are generally transferable between countries and benefits can be received on the basis of foreign insurance. Foreign social insurance is proven by the relevant E-forms taken from the social security institutions of the applicant's home country.

Non-EU/EEA and Swiss citizens

Some foreign social insurance will be accepted by Bulgarian institutions if the person's country has signed international treaties in the field of social security with the Republic of Bulgaria.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Healthcare in Bulgaria is provided by the National Health Insurance Fund. It is compulsory for all residents to contribute to this fund and is essential for obtaining a National Health Insurance card (??????????? ??????? ?????), which must be presented to the doctor or dentist at each visit. Individuals with mandatory health insurance cover are entitled to emergency care throughout Bulgaria and can choose a doctor and a dentist with a contract with the regional health insurance fund.