Family Benefits

Information about the child-related benefits that parents may be entitled to in Bulgaria...

As a new parent you may expect:

Maternity benefits

Maternity leave in Bulgaria is 410 days, 45 of which are used before the birth. With the mother's consent, when the child reaches six months, the leave can be transferred to the father for the rest of the period.

During these 410 days, social security beneficiaries who have worked at least 12 months prior to taking the maternity leave are paid an allowance of 90 percent of their gross salary by the National Health Insurance Fund.

Benefits can be paid either in cash or transferred directly to the person's bank account.

Child benefits

According to Bulgarian law, child benefit is available for:

  • Pregnant women who are Bulgarian citizens and families of Bulgarian citizens that raise their child in Bulgaria
  • Families in which one of the parents is a Bulgarian citizen for their children with Bulgarian citizenship, living in Bulgaria
  • Pregnant women who are foreign citizens and families of foreign citizens who have permanent residence and raise their children in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria, social assistance is provided by the state. Eligibility for monthly child benefit depends on family income. The benefit is paid until the child finishes secondary education (maximum age 20).

To claim for child benefits take the following documents to the regional Social Assistance Directorate (регионална дирекция Социално подпомагане):

  • An application form
  • Proof of gross monthly income (удостоверение за брутни месечни доходи) of the family for the last 12 months
  • The child’s birth certificate (only for reference)
  • The applicant’s identity card (only for reference)
  • To find a local office: Click here (in Bulgarian)

Within seven days of filing the application, parents receive written notification to inform them if they are entitled to child benefit. Applications for child benefit have to be submitted each year.