Social Security Organisations

Information about and contact details for the government organisations involved in overseeing social security and welfare in Bulgaria...

The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (???????????? ?? ????? ? ?????????? ????????) is the official body overseeing state policy in the field of social security and social assistance in Bulgaria. Its main function is the development and implementation of social security policies and the payments related to it.

The National Social Security Institute - NSSI (?????????? ???????????? ????????) manages the funds of the state social security. It pays the benefits for temporary work incapacity, pregnancy and maternity, childcare, unemployment, accidents at work and professional diseases.

The National Revenue Agency (?????????? ??????? ?? ?????????) collects and administers the obligatory social security contributions (health insurance contributions, pension insurance contributions, contributions for additional obligatory pension insurance). Enquiries can be made by individuals at local NRA directorates about health and social security status.

Additional Benefits

Other financial payments, as well as additional benefits for people on low income or people with special needs may also be available. For more information contact the local offices of the National Social Security Insurance and of the Social Assistance Agency (??????? ?? ???????? ???????????).

Further Information