Preparing to Travel

Find out what needs to be done before a pet can be brought to Bulgaria. Understand the restrictions on animals entering the country and the paperwork required...

While you are allowed to bring pets into Bulgaria, there are certain criteria your pets must first adhere to:

Animals not allowed entry

Generally no animal under three months in age (and therefore not protected against rabies) may enter Bulgaria. An authorised official vet may allow a baby pet animal admission if it is still dependent on its mother and travels with her, and if it has remained in one location since birth and not been exposed to other animals.

Animals arriving in Bulgaria that are not properly prepared may either be returned to their country of origin or placed in quarantine. The costs for either of these are paid by the pet owner. In extreme cases and where the owner cannot meet expenses an animal may be put down.

Preparing animals for travel

Most vets are qualified and able to prepare an animal and its paperwork for international travel. National agricultural authorities and Consular authorities can often provide helpful information. Likewise, if returning home or moving on from Bulgaria with a pet cat, dog or ferret, information on preparing the pet for the new destination is available from the agricultural authorities.