Bulgarian Administration

Information about the local and national administrative centres of Bulgaria - where to go for residency papers, information on social security, jobseeking advice and more...

Municipality Offices

Regional municipality offices are responsible for all matters relating to civil registration and civil status. Many administrative services are carried out at these offices including:
  • Certificate for registration of a foreign citizen's permanent residence
  • Provision of copies of birth, marriage and death certificates
  • Services related to municipal property
  • Services related to local taxes and fees
These offices may also be able to provide information on the local regions on matters including: agriculture, business, tourism, ecology investment plans, science and education, health care in the region, culture, arts and sports.

Residency Permits

Residence permits are issued and renewed at the Immigration Department of the Police Station nearest to the person's place of residence.

Social Security Offices

The National Social Security Institute (NSSI) provides information for claimants of Bulgarian social security on pensions, accidents at work, the national health insurance fund, employment benefits and maternity benefits.

National Employment Agency

The National Employment Agency in Bulgaria provides help, training and career advice to jobseekers.
  • NEA Information Tel: 02 980 8719

Child Protection Agency

The Child Protection Agency works with ministries, develops and controls national and regional child protection programmes, supplies childcare services, implements childcare activities and controls children's rights protection. There is also a list of telephone numbers for local child protection departments on the website.
  • State Agency for Child Protection At: 2, Str. Triaditza, Sofia 1051 Tel: 02 933 9010                                                                                                                 Child Protection Hotline: 116 111 email

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