The Driving Test in Bulgaria

Details on the theory and practical tests needed to obtain a Bulgarian driving licenceā€¦

To begin driving instruction enroll in a driving school. It is compulsory to take both theory and practical lessons with a driving school licenced by the Bulgarian Ministry of Transport (?????????????? ?? ??????????).

The driving course includes three parts:

  • A first aid course
  • 40 hours of driving theory
  • 24 hours of driving lessons

In addition the applicant must undergo a medical examination with the TOLEK (?????) or TCLEK (????K) which can be found at most public hospitals. This includes an eye test and a general medical exam.

First aid course

The first aid course is organised by the driving school which informs the learner where to attend classes. These involve a few lectures and some practical first aid training. Once the learner driver has attended these classes they are issued with a first aid certificate from the Bulgarian Red Cross (???).

Driving theory course

The learner driver undergoes 40 hours of driving theory. The 800 multiple choice questions that are studied are available in English as well as German, French, Spanish, Italian and Bulgarian. Following the 40 hours of theory study, the test can be taken in any one of these languages.

Practical driving lessons

The practical driving test takes place once the learner driver has carried out a minimum of 24 hours driving practice. The examination takes place on the premises of the driving school.

Once the above tests have been successfully completed, the applicant is issued with a certificate. They should take this to the local Traffic Police office with the following documents:

  • Proof of identity
  • Certificate stating that the theory and practical courses have been successfully passed
  • First Aid certificate issued by the Bulgarian Red Cross
  • Medical certificate
  • Receipt for paid fees (in most cases the application fee can be paid at the cash desk in the Traffic Police office)
  • A copy of school or university qualifications
  • For certain licence categories a psychological behaviour certificate is required
  • Proof of payment of previous road traffic violations (for some licence categories)

The Road Traffic Office then issues a Bulgarian driving licence.

Further Information

  • For comprehensive information on obtaining a driving licence from the Bulgarian Traffic Police: Click here (in Bulgarian)