Motoring Costs in Bulgaria

Understand the various costs and taxes involved when driving in Bulgaria…

There are a number of costs associated with motoring in Bulgaria. It's important that drivers understand them and the associated paperwork which goes with them.

Vignette (road tax)

The vignette (???????) is the equivalent of road tax in Bulgaria and must be bought and stuck on the windscreen when driving outside of urban areas. Weekly, monthly or annual vignette stickers are available at most petrol stations and post offices. The vignette can also be bought at Bulgarian borders when entering the country.

Vehicle Tax

An annual vehicle tax must be paid at the Taxes and Fees Office (?????? ?????? ? ?????). The amount paid depends on the age and engine size of the vehicle.


All car owners must pay an environmental tax called eco-tax (??? ?????). The amount paid will depend on the age of the vehicle.