Speed Limits, Road Classifications and Breakdown Recovery

Understand the different speed limits and types of road in Bulgaria, plus who to call following a breakdown or accident...

Types of roads

There are two motorways in Bulgaria, A1 Trakia and A2 Hemus. There are no tolls for either of these, as the vignette (road tax) covers all roads in non built-up areas. All other roads are dual carriage ways or secondary roads. Snow tyres and snow chains may be necessary in winter, especially in mountainous areas.

Signs for the motorways are green. Most signs in big cities and on major roads are in Roman and Cyrillic alphabet. In smaller areas, not all signs will have the Roman alphabet equivalent.

Speed limits in Bulgaria

Unless otherwise marked by signs the speed limits in Bulgaria are as follows

  • 130 km/h (80 m/h) on motorways
  • 90 km/h (56 m/h) on other roads outside built-up areas
  • 50 km/h (31 m/h) in built-up areas

Breakdown assistance

In the event of a road accident or breakdown, Tel: 112.

A number of organisations provide assistance in case of breakdown. The official Union of Bulgarian Motorists (СБА)  can be reached by calling 146 from any mobile phone in Bulgaria or Tel: 02 911 46.