Parking in Bulgaria

Understand the rules and regulations regarding parking on streets and in car parks, plus how to pay a parking fee in Bulgaria...

Most parking in big towns is on a fee-basis. Restricted parking zones are marked as either Blue or Green zones and are paid for on a Pay and Display principle.

In Sofia the Blue zone charge fee can be paid to a parking warden or by sending a text message to 1302. Payment is by the hour. After sending the text message, the subscriber gets a confirmation that the payment is successful. Five minutes before the pre-paid hour elapses, the subscriber receives a notification that they need to renew their payment.

In most other towns parking in Green and Blue zones is payable either at a parking meter or to a parking warden that will be present on the spot, following the Pay and Display principle.

Unless designated by signs, parking is free of charge in other areas.

In central urban areas in Bulgaria, paid parking lots are common. Prices vary from town to town, but the average fee paid per hour is about one euro.

Cars parking in disabled parking spaces must display the blue disabled parking card. Places for disabled people are marked with a wheelchair sign.

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