Bulgaria by Bus and Coach

Getting around Bulgaria using the bus and coach networks...<strong> </strong>

Public transport in large towns is provided by buses, trams and trolley buses, and generally runs from 05:00 until midnight. Services on the weekend are less frequent.

Fare prices vary depending on the region and the chosen method of transport, but are generally no more than the equivalent of 0.5 euros for a single trip ticket. In small towns public transport tickets are cheaper.

Getting around Sofia

In the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, getting around the city is relatively easy using the underground, bus, trolley bus and tram networks. The public transport system in Sofia provides single trip tickets, and a variety of travel cards in paper or electronic format. Single-day travel cards or a five-day travel card (for all types of public transport are also available. A comprehensive guide on the types of tickets can be found on the Sofia Urban Mobility website.

  • For maps and information about schedules, routes and places to buy tickets for public transport in Sofia: Click here

Using buses and coaches

There are numerous bus and coach routes available for getting around Bulgaria, running from both big cities and small towns. This is a relatively cheap and comfortable means of transport and bus fares in Bulgaria are proportionate to the distance travelled.

Bus timetables and fares are generally shown in the Cyrillic alphabet at bus stations and bus stops, however, along the Black Sea Coast it is likely that timetables may be in English. When boarding a bus the destination will be indicated on the windscreen, usually in Cyrillic.

  • For a route planner and information on bus schedules and timetables: Click here

International coaches are also available to major European cities. The central bus station (????????? ????????) in any town is the starting point for international and domestic journeys.

Coach travel companies

The Etap Group provides national and international coach travel services.

  • Etap Head Office (in Bulgarian)
    : 138 Blvd, Vasil Levski, Sofia 1527
    Tel: 02 945 3939

Biomet provides domestic and international transport with regular lines from Sofia to Burgas and Varna on the Black Sea Coast.

  • Biomet Head Office
    : Business Center Lozenetz, 35 N.I.Vaptzarov Blvd, 1407 Sofia
    Tel: +359 (2) 86 88 961
  • For information on schedules for domestic routes: Click here

International routes depart from Sofia and go to various destinations in France, Italy and Spain.

  • For information on schedules for international routes: Click here
  • For reservations Tel: 088 871 6025

Further Information

  • Online timetables for direct and combined routes in Bulgaria from BG-Razpisanie.com