Buying and Selling a New or Used Car in Bulgaria

The details on the vehicle registration documents and paperwork needed to buy, sell or scrap a car, and register the vehicle...

Buying a New Car in Bulgaria

New cars are sold at car dealerships in Bulgaria. When buying a new car without a loan or lease contract, the buyer is only required to present proof of their identity. However, the procedure is more complicated if a loan or lease contract is to be signed. In these cases the following documents are required:

Private buyer

  • A copy of the residence permit and driving licence
  • A declaration of consent to provide the car dealer/distributor with the residence permit and driving licence
  • Contact details (telephone numbers, email address)
  • A certificate for temporary or permanent address registration. This can be obtained from the local Address Registration Office (?????? ???????), usually in the corresponding Town Hall (????????).
  • A certificate stating that the person has never been subject to legal proceedings (???????????? ?? ????????), issued by local courts for Bulgarian citizens
  • All documents proving the person’s income, for example, a work contract, tax declaration and any other relevant information

Private transactions may also require the buyer provide proof of health insurance coverage in the EU (whether private or public) and proof of either temporary or permanent residency status in Bulgaria.

Company owner

  • The business registration number (??????? ??????? ?? ???????)
  • Bulstat registration number (??????? ?????)
  • Certificate presenting the company's current financial status (???????? ?????????)
  • Contact details (telephone numbers, email address)
  • Personal identification documents and a declaration of consent to provide the distributor with copies of identification documents
  • A certificate from the local courts (Trade Law Department) stating that the company has not declared bankruptcy
  • A copy of the annual income declaration

The registration procedures and establishing an insurance policy are generally handled by the dealer on behalf of the buyer.

The dealer provides the new owner with the following documents:

  • The purchase contract
  • A vehicle roadworthiness card and sticker/stamp for the windscreen (????? ?? ??????? ?????????? ???????). Although a vehicle does need to undergo a roadworthiness test until it is three years old, this is proof of the due date for the next test
  • The vehicle’s registration document (?????????????? ?????)

Vehicle Registration Document

The vehicle’s registration document (?????????????? ?????) contains the following information:

  • Registration plate number
  • The vehicle's unique engine number
  • Type of vehicle
  • Make and model
  • Date of registration
  • Colour
  • Category of vehicle
  • Owner’s name
  • Owner’s address

Buying/Selling a Used Car in Bulgaria

There are a number of Internet sites that can be useful in both buying and selling used cars in Bulgaria. The most popular ones are:

Local newspapers and specialised magazines also publish classified advertisements for buying and selling used cars; Auto Bild, Autoh and Autojournal are among the most popular.

Many people choose to buy a used vehicle from one of the licenced car dealers (????????) that can be found in most towns. It is recommended to be accompanied by a mechanic, or someone who knows a lot about cars when buying from one of these places.

How to buy or sell a used car in Bulgaria

In order for the sale of a used car between two private individuals to be considered legal, both the seller and the buyer must sign a vehicle purchase contract (??????? ?? ???????-???????? ?? ???) in front of a Notary Public (????????). The contract must be signed by both parties or their legal representative(s) before it can be declared valid by the Notary. (If the car is owned by a company it is not necessary to sign at a Notary Public.) The signed contract is needed for the new owner to register the car in their name at the local Traffic Police Office.

The seller provides the following documents:

  • Vehicle registration document (?????????????? ?????)
  • The roadworthiness stamp and certificate (????? ?? ??????? ?????????? ???????)
  • A receipt proving payment of the annual Vehicle Tax (????? ???) - the owner of a car receives this after paying the annual Vehicle Tax at the local Taxes and Fees Office (?????? ?????? ? ?????)
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of third-party insurance

The buyer will need to provide the following:

  • Proof of identity
  • Payment

Registering the Vehicle

Within 14 days the new owner must go to the local Traffic Police Office to register the vehicle. The vehicle must be registered at the Traffic Police Office in the town of the new owner's permanent address in Bulgaria.

Documents required

Local Traffic Police require the following documents for the registration:

  • A registration application form (provided by the local Traffic Police Office in Bulgarian)
  • The original vehicle purchase contract (??????? ?? ???????-???????? ?? ???) and a copy
  • Proof of payment of the Vehicle Tax (????? ???)
  • A valid third-party insurance policy, compulsory for all vehicles (?????????? ???????????)
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of address registration obtained from the local Address Registration Office (?????? ???????), usually in the corresponding City Hall (????????).
  • The vehicle’s previous registration document (?????????????? ?????)