Insuring a Vehicle in Bulgaria

General information on taking out a Bulgarian insurance policy, with comprehensive details on insuring a vehicle (options from third party to all risks)...

There are two types of vehicle insurance in Bulgaria:

  • Compulsory third party liability insurance (?????????? ???????????)
  • Voluntary/optional fully comprehensive insurance (?????????); theft, fire or vandalism insurance

Minimum third party liability insurance is required for all vehicles and proof must be carried at all times. All vehicles must have a policy, a card and an insurance sticker on the widescreen as proof of validity.

Insurance policies are valid for one year and are renewed annually.

A system of no claims bonus, known as bonus/malus, has been in place since 20 April 2009, this may not yet be effective with all insurance companies.

Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance (?????????? ???????????)

All vehicles in Bulgaria must have a third party liability insurance (?????????? ???????????).

  • Third-party insurance policies are valid for one year for Bulgarian registered vehicles
  • Foreign registered vehicles, without a valid third party insurance issued in their country of origin can be insured in Bulgaria for a minimum of 30 days and a maximum of six months. After six months has passed, owners will need to register their vehicle in Bulgaria in order for it to be insured.
  • A Green Card can be issued in addition to the third party policy (on request by the owner)

How to get third party insurance

Go to the nearest office of any licenced insurance company with the following documents:

  • The vehicle’s registration document (?????????????? ?????)
  • The valid MOT certificate (????? ?? ??????? ?????????? ???????)
  • Proof of identity and proof of address may be required although the registration document of the car may be sufficient

The year's insurance can be paid in full or in four installments.

  • For a comprehensive list of insurance companies licenced to issue third party liability insurance policies and links to the websites: Click here (in Bulgarian)

Optional Fully Comprehensive Insurance (?????????)

Additional fully comprehensive insurance for theft, fire and vandalism (for example) are optional. The insurance policy can apply to Bulgaria exclusively, or be valid for Bulgaria and the rest of the EU. The premium paid depends on a number of factors including the car's age, engine capacity, make and model.

A fully comprehensive insurance policy may be compulsory if leasing a vehicle from a dealer.

How to get fully comprehensive insurance

The insurance company requires the following documents:

  • Proof of identity of the car's owner or the official representative of the owner
  • Vehicle registration document (?????????????? ?????)
  • Valid MOT certificate (????? ?? ??????? ?????????? ???????)

The insurance agent provides a form to be filled in, the vehicle then undergoes an inspection to check for possible dents, defects or damaged parts. The vehicle insurance is then issued.

Fully comprehensive insurance contracts are available for foreign registered vehicles as long as proof is provided to show that the vehicle is currently roadworthy in its country of registration.

Fully comprehensive insurance policies cover the following risks:

  • Fire and natural calamities
  • Road accidents
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicle theft

In the Event of an Accident

Use the Accident Report Form (???????? ?? ???????????? ?? ???????????????? ????????????) provided by the insurance company. This should be filled in by the responsible party and a copy given to the second driver. Each driver must have a Report Form in their car. The following should be included on the Report Form:

  • Name and identity card details of the other driver
  • Full insurance details of the other driver including insurance number and expiry date
  • Place of the accident, names and contact details of possible witnesses
  • An explanation of the accident with details of the damage caused
  • Both parties must agree and sign the Report Form so that it is valid for claims

If the accident is serious the Accident Report Form will be filled in by the Traffic Police and a copy will be given to each person involved. Do not sign any paperwork unless certain it's understood and agreed with.

Claiming Insurance

Following an accident, take the Report Form to the insurer and fill in an application form for claims, or contact the insurance company's emergency line for advice on the procedure for making a claim. Many insurance companies insist on receiving the completed report form within seven days of the accident.

The vehicle undergoes inspection and insurance is transferred to the insured person's bank account within a few days or up to two weeks. If a third party driver is responsible, their insurer will contact the insured. If the driver has complementary insurance, such as ?????????, the insurer may provide additional services, for example a replacement vehicle.

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