Canadian Postal Codes and the Post Office

Information about the postal system in Canada, including how to find a Canadian postcode...

Postal services in Canada are provided by Post Canada. The website has information on mailing letters and parcels, mail forwarding, mail holding postal codes and online services.

Postal Codes in Canada

A Canadian postcode is a six character alphanumeric code, separated after the first three characters by a space (no hyphen). All letters should be in capitals, for example, VOJ 3T2.

The postal code is made up of two segments; a Forward Sortation Area for the first three characters (FSA) and a Local Delivery Unit (LDU) for the last three characters. The FSA represents a geographical region where all the postal codes begin with the same three characters; the LDU represents a specific address which can be either a building, a city block or a small town.

Find an address or postal code in Canada

The Canada Post website has a postal code finder, making it possible to find a postcode for a town or village, or to find the name of the street that corresponds to a post code.

Canadian Addresses

Addresses in Canada are written in a particular way.

  • Line 1: Full name and title of addressee (optionally write the surname in capital letters)
  • Line 2: Company name (if applicable)
  • Line 3: Building name and number (optional)
  • Line 4: Street number followed by a comma, then the street name (in capital letters)
  • Line 5: Postal code (separate the first three characters from the last three characters with one space) and town or city name (in capital letters)

In addition, it is important to remember the following:

  • Include the municipality, province (or territory) and postal code on the same line
  • Separate the municipality from the province (or territory) with one space; separate the province (or territory) from the postal code with two spaces
  • Don't use punctuation unless it is part of a proper name, for example, ST. JOHN'S
  • Format the return address the same way as the destination address and place it in the top-left corner of the envelope or package, or on the back of the envelope at the top

For example:

  • Person NAME
    Building A

Further recommendations on writing addresses in Canada are available on the Canada Post website.