National Public Holidays in Canada

These are the days where schools and businesses close for a holiday...

  • Public holidays that fall on a weekend are sometimes taken on a Monday but not officially (except by banks). Some businesses may opt to take off the Friday before or the Monday after a holiday
  • Canada Day is moved to a Monday if 1 July falls on a Sunday
  • The majority of retail outlets must close on Canada Day, and are closed on Easter Sunday
  • There are a number of regional holidays in the Canadian provinces and territories

Public Holidays 2017

1st January - New Year's Day

14th April - Good Friday. In Quebec employers can choose to give their staff Easter Monday off instead

1st July - Canada Day (observed on Monday 3rd July)

7th August - Civic Day (first Monday in August)

4th September - Labour Day

9th October - Thanksgiving Day (non statutory in Nova Scotia, New Edward Island, New Brunswick and Newfoundland)

11th November - Remembrance Day (non statutory in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba)

25th December - Christmas Day