Students and Teenagers

Information for parents and young adults in China...

There are plenty of clubs and activities for teenagers living in China, which are run by both the local and international communities. China has excellent sports facilities, with the big cities offering a vast range of activities, clubs and events. There are also a number of youth organisations, some of which are coordinated on a national level; smaller, more local clubs are organised by the international community.

Youth Organisations

All China Youth Federation (ACYF): This federation covers all Chinese youth organisations and has 52 member organisations, which seek to promote and tackle a number of issues including protection of human rights, cultural and climate issues.

Scout Association of the People's Republic of China: This organisation is fairly new and includes the Rover Scouts (18-25 years) and Venture Scouts (15-20 years). There are groups for young people, both male and female. There are no other Cub, Scout or Girl Guide groups in China, as these were officially banned in 1949.

There are some youth clubs run locally by the international community for young expatriates living in China.

Sports Clubs

There is a wide range of sports facilities and clubs available in the major cities in China. Some international communities also run their own sports clubs.

Sports on offer vary from the more usual activities such as badminton, tennis, archery, basketball, baseball, cricket and football to the more unusual such as dragon boat racing, bungee jumping and taiji.

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Most big towns and cities have their own cinemas, where recent film releases can be seen in English with Chinese subtitles or in Chinese with English subtitles.

School Holiday Programmes

A variety of summer camps is available in China. Firstly there are international summer camps, which provide an opportunity for foreign students to learn about Chinese culture and language, for example Mandarin Rocks.

There are also Chinese summer camps at which lessons are taught in English, with the aim of helping Chinese young people to develop their English language skills.

Additionally, there are youth programmes aimed specifically at young expatriates living in China. They aim to provide an educational programme which enhances students' knowledge of Chinese language and culture.