English-language Media in Bejing

A world of information - in English. The English-language print and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in Beijing...

Beijing's expat community is served by a wide variety of weekly and monthly publications, as well as dedicated English-language television and radio stations. Expat publications can be found in restaurants, bookstores and tourist areas/attractions. Imported English-language newspapers and magazines are available in international supermarkets and hotels.


  • Beijing Review: a national newspaper covering social, political and economic affairs in China. Published weekly, the print publication is in English, while the online version is available in Chinese, English, Japanese, French and German. It is part of the China International Publishing Group.
  • China Daily: a print and digital newspaper published Monday to Friday, covering Chinese news, politics and current affairs. Chinese and English-language versions are available, as are numerous international versions, including American, African and European.
  • Economic Observer: a weekly newspaper covering political, social and economic news in Beijing and the rest of China. The print publication is in Chinese; however, the website features selected articles translated into English, as well as additional articles written in English.
  • People’s Daily Online: a daily newspaper printed by the Communist Party of China and it covers Chinese and international news. The digital version is available in numerous languages including English, Russian, Spanish, Japanese and Arabic.
  • Global Times: a daily tabloid newspaper, in Chinese and English, the Global Times is published by the Communist Party of China. The print and online newspaper mainly covers international news.


  • Agenda: an online English-language business magazine for entrepreneurs and business people in Beijing.
  • Beijing This Month (BTM): a monthly English-language magazine published by the Beijing Foreign Cultural Exchanges Centre to promote tourism in the city. The free magazine can be found at airports, hotels and other locations frequented by tourists
  • City Weekend: an English-language print and online magazine for expatriates published every two weeks in Beijing and Shanghai. The magazine also publishes an annual ‘Best of’ guide for those cities.
  • The Beijinger: a free print and online lifestyle and entertainment magazine published monthly on the last weekend of each month.
  • Time Out Beijing: an online lifestyle magazine in Chinese and English with reviews and information about Beijing, including restaurants, shopping and entertainment. Print subscriptions are available to corporate clients only.


  • CCTV News: a 24-hour English-language news channel operated by the state-run China Central Television. The channel covers sports, finance, entertainment and world news.

Xinhua is the official People's Republic of China news agency. The Xinhua website features Chinese and world news.